Swiming Pools

Swiming Pools

We specialize in the design and construction of swimming pools, supply and installation of electromechanical their own tasks and periodic maintenance of swimming pools.

1- Pools Type:-

There are many types of swimming pools (Overflow - Skimmer - Horizon) and all of these types has a different price due to the different amount of concrete in it as:

  • The Skimmer need one room for the equipment.
  • The Overflow is needed two rooms, one for the equipment and the other tank budget and also the course of concrete and Jriya to cover the course ... Etc..
  • The Horizon as well as the needs and the course of two massive concrete and grills internal and external.

2- Pools components :-

And starting from the type of insulation and brands PVC and Alvinj and the pool equipment from pumps, filters, and Colonator and submersible pumps and control panel and components from the country of manufacture and protections, especially to protect against electrocution.

Skimmer Pool

Overflow Pool