Direct flow 400 Galon

Direct flow 400 Galon

Direct flow - 400 Galon

Characteristics of the device: -

Direct Flow system, which depends on the method of reverse osmosis is the best and most recently, the means to ensure access to water 100% healthy and fit for drinking, cooking and preparing food, beverages
* Innovative design works at lower operating pressure (2.1 bar)

* Rate of water loss rate of less than 5:1

* Small size and does not need to tank to collect water treatment.

* Out 1 liter / min continuous flow of water (Direct Flow)

* Adequate for the use of 120 personal per day

* Spare parts easy to remove and install and available at the company`s best prices.

Stage 1:-                              changed every 2 months

Initial 5 micron filter to remove solid impurities and outstanding.

Stage 2:-                             changed every 4 months

Carbon filter to effectively remove chlorine, color, taste and smell.

Stage 3:-                            changed every 4 months

Solid Carbon Filter (Block) careful filtering to ensure removal of all organic materials and toxins from the water, taste, color and smell.

stage 4:-                             changed each 1 year

Tow membrain with capacity 400 gallon (unit separate salts), which is the most important stage is the pumping of water through a membrane into force of 0.0001 micron semi where the separation of harmful heavy metals and salts in addition to the excess harmful bacteria and viruses and eliminate them completely with water drainage.
Stage 5:-                               changed each 1 year

If filter is the last stage of water treatment before use immediately to remove any odors or gases, causing the bait to change.