UV Devices

UV Devices

UV Filters

First, scientific technology and engineering used by the company in processing and sterilization:
Processing technology and sterilization using a UV-5DLX, which provides access to fresh water, healthy and pure and completely free of impurities and taste and odor and organic materials in water and that the company has Aastiradha of the world's largest manufacturer and used for this technology.
Second, the statement:
A water treatment (purification and sterilization) with characteristic UV sterilization:
* Model: U.V-5DLX

* Act: 2 gallons / minute

* Components: a compact unit of the 5 stages of purification and sterilization, and improve the properties of water in one unit
Third, the technical specifications of the stages of the device: -

stage-1 : changed every 2 months

5 micron sediment per - filter to extract suspended materials such as sediments, insects, asbestos fiber, rust, and particles down to 5 micron.

stage-2 : changed every 3 months

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter to absorb heavy chlorine and chlorine by products such as chlorine, THM, and TCE.

stage-3: changed every 3 months

Carbon block filter to remove any additional chlorine and organic matter from water without release of carbon fines. The carbon block prepares water to enter the reverse osmosis element.


stage-4: changed from 2 - 4 years

In -line GAC Coconut filter is used to remove disolved gases, bad taste and odor from product water.

stage-5: changed from 1 year

Ultraviolet disinfection to eliminate bacteria and viruses .