Advantages of the device:

1. Device consists of 5 stages.

2. A new look and a stylish fit for all decors and does not require any modification of the decorations.

3. The only of its kind as a laptop anywhere.

4. Is easy to transport and install anywhere without the need for technical installations.

5. All spare parts for the U.S.A 100%.

6. The device has a reservoir capacity of 17 liters made of high quality poly carbonate

7. Stylish tank takes the form of mineral water containers that are placed on water coolers.

8. Offers to buy mineral water for chillers can be used as a reservoir device after the addition of particular relevance comes with the device an alternative to for mineral water bottles.

9. Tank easy to carry and can be used separately from the device in any place

10. (Trips - the club - office - reception rooms)

11. Provider unit FilmTec Membrane U.S.A .


Components of the device:

1. Initial filter anti-bacteria to remove solid impurities, bacteria and plankton

2. Of granular carbon filter to remove the causes of taste, color, odor and chemicals.

3. Block carbon filter to remove chlorine

4. Unit of cellulose (The Membrane) to separate heavy metals and dissolved salts from excess water

5. Line from the carbon filter to remove any taste or smell or color after the separation of minerals and salts

6. Silent pump to raise water pressure to the pressure required for operation

7. Tank capacity of 17 liters of plant material polycarbonate and can be detached from the unit

8. lectric to disconnect the power supply to the pump when the power

9.Electric to unplug the device when the tank is full