Faster ( 5 stages)

Purity natural

Water means strange The advantage Creator Almighty many of the qualities Elviriqih, chemical and biological, which made it really means life, unique and made him truly impressed and the greatest means, Without him what was on the ground of life and the water plays an important role in the progress of civilization of human and associated water places civilized first man as human habitation old on rivers, springs and rain most places in the world.

Ibex For example, the River Nile, although it only river which he was able to find his way from tropical Africa to the Mediterranean Sea over a distance of 2700 kilometers without received tributary one or any quantity of water, a phenomenon rare for the river being the long distance without rechargeable Despite This was now the worst kinds of neglect, ranging from 80 points exchange agricultural him from Aswan to the Mediterranean Sea and is well known that agricultural drainage water containing salts of nitrogen and phosphorus is not only that there are 95 points exchange industry along the river is the source of poisoning of the Nile water with copper and toxic metals Kalkadamiom and lead.

The reports by the Ministry of Environment and indicated that industrial pollutants untreated or partially treated and shot them in the river is estimated at 4.5 million tonnes a year from her home 50 thousand tons of harmful substances and 35 thousand tons of chemical industries and was reported that the proportion of persistent organic industrial up to the waterways of up to 270 tons per day while the volume of pollutants generated by hospitals each year an estimated 120 thousand tons per year, including 25 thousand tons of material intervention in the classification of high-risk also confirmed the report of the Ministry of the Environment that there are limitations facing the River Nile, there are between 2.4 to 3 billion cubic meters of water from sewage treatment.


The best way and better world for drinking water healthy and clean for safe and active life away from the chemical treatment systems and the use of chemicals All the processing stages of the works of nature and natural methods and theories of the earth.

The functioning of the device: -

Stage 1: -                                              changed every two months

Composed of polypropylene filter 5 micron, running on separate impurities, sand, rust and all material non-soluble in water.

Stage 2: -                                              changed every 3 months

Carbon Filter is composed of a first (active granules), coconut, and is working to absorb the chlorine and chlorinated hydrocarbons and the remnants of organic materials and chemical effects of pollution from fertilizers and agricultural pesticides.

Stage 3: -                                             changed every 3 months

Carbon filter made up of Masmat (Block) coconut, working on the nomination of flour to make sure to remove all organic material and toxins from the water, taste, color and smell.

stage 4: -                                              changed every 2 years

Consisting of RO membrane desalination reverse osmosis permeability of 0.0001 micron, and most of the work on the separation of dissolved salts, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.

Stage 5: -                                               changed each 1 year

Component of the final Carbon filter to remove any taste or odor of water after treatment to make them palatable.