We offer our valued customers a number of services, which always provide them with the efficiency of the devices used by them, and explain these services by our rating them as follows:

First, after-sales service: -
It highlights our services to the consumer of our products, where we provide regular service for the maintenance and follow-up devices for our customers as long as it's within the warranty period, as well as provide this service after the end of the warranty period, so as to ensure that our client has accurately devices work and quality.
We also communicate with our customers on a regular basis and agree on a time appropriate to offer our services for maintenance or cleaning and development of devices with our customers.

Second: Delivery Service: -
We have to provide this service to our clients even provide decent time and Aaljhd in the acquisition device which wants from us, as we have a number of specialists in the delivery of the hardware, installation and connection, which makes it always did in our client comfort in dealing with us.

Third: Specialization and accuracy: -
We are privileged position in our field because we have a number of technical specialists in the installation, maintenance and appreciation of what is changed devices, which always provides the machine worked fine cycle, without cause additional expense to the client.

Always hope to provide our valued customers of our services to them appropriately.